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Wikia about Naruto Fan Fiction. You can post your Characters, Villages, Techniques, Tools, and Tverything related here!! ( All of the above mentioned will be edited according to manga progression ) All respective Naruto Content, Characters, etc, are work of Masasi Kishimoto

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In this wikia, we are practically merging the boundaries between fanfiction and actual naruto storyline. In this wikia you can write about anything that is naruto related, you can come up with bloodlines, ninja tools, jutsu, Characters, villages, etc, but you have to put it in contest with the actual manga. For example if you are writing about the Third Mizukage and somehow in the manga he is mentioned or resurrected, then the real information will be filled in and the more realistic fanfiction would be kept. Keep note that if the character , village , etc is mentioned in detail in the manga, all fanfiction regarding the subject would be erased and replaced with the more accurate cannon description.

Thanks and have fun!

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